Rundle-Spence is uniquely equipped to provide you with a variety of products to whole heating systems. We stock everything you need, from PEX pipe and boilers to controls and installation hardware. Plus, our expert heating engineers stand ready to help, whether you're installing a single family radiant heating system or a series of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency, sealed combustion boilers for an entire industrial complex.

Hydronic, Solar and Geothermal

When it comes to radiant heat and hydronic snow melt projects, there's no one better than our on-staff engineering experts, who also have an outstanding reputation for solar and geothermal projects. Whether you want to troubleshoot an existing system or tackle a new project, you can count on us. We'll provide complete system specification drawings, perform heat loss calculations and assist with state plan approvals and RES/COMchecks. For more information, click here.

Red Hot Services

We offer free next-day delivery within a 50-mile radius, but whenever you're in a pinch, our Red Hot Delivery service will make after-hours and emergency deliveries. We also offer Red Hot Water Heater & Boiler Delivery. When you order a new water heater or boiler from us, we’ll deliver it, place it into position and cart away the old one. In addition, you can call on our professional, factory-trained Red Hot Repair technicians to service the water heaters you purchase from us – whether in or out of warranty – while appearing transparent to your customers. For more information, click here.

Fabrication Shop

Rundle-Spence has an extensively equipped and staffed fabrication shop. That means our experienced team can create any custom part or piping assembly you may need, expertly guiding it through engineering to full fabrication. We’re equipped to work with steel, stainless steel, all PVC and CPVC pipe, aluminum, brass and many other specialty materials. We can even weld PVC. For more information, click here.

Value Added

We offer additional services for contractors, as well. Our boom truck is available for your projects that need a lift. Plus, Rundle-Spence provides a vendor management inventory program to help you operate more efficiently. Inquire with us for details.