Well and Septic

Rundle-Spence is a complete water well and waste water wholesaler. We offer a variety of septic systems, including sump/effluent/sewage/grinder pumps, battery backup systems, control switches, control panels (simplex, duplex and time dosages), residential alternator systems, alarms, filters, septic tanks, chambers and all accessories. Our water well and septic experts will gladly help you troubleshoot your project, spec the right products for you, and visit your job site to calculate your system sizing.

Fabrication Shop

Rundle-Spence has an extensively equipped and staffed fabrication shop. That means our experienced team can create any custom part or piping assembly you may need, expertly guiding it through engineering to full fabrication. We’re equipped to work with steel, stainless steel, all PVC and CPVC pipe, aluminum, brass and many other specialty materials. We can even weld PVC. For more information, click here.

Red Hot Delivery

We offer free next-day delivery within a 50-mile radius, but when you're in a pinch, our Red Hot Delivery team is there for you with after-hours and emergency deliveries. For more information, click here.