Any wholesaler can promise you a decent supply of parts. But Rundle-Spence isn't just any wholesaler. We're the wholesaler who has the contractor's back. We have a huge inventory of parts and products and a knowledgeable staff who will work with you to find the best solutions. What's more, we're locally owned, so we can make decisions quickly in order to respond to your needs.

Red Hot Delivery

All orders received between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. will be delivered free the next day, within a 50-mile radius. But when you're in a pinch, our rapid response team is there for you with after-hours and emergency deliveries.

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Red Hot Commercial Water Heater Delivery

You only need one plumber on the job to install a new water heater or boiler with the help of our quick, efficient delivery service. We’ll deliver it, place it into position and cart away the old one.

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Red Hot Repair Service

If you're short on time or people, you can count on our professional, factory-trained technicians to service the water heaters you purchase from us – whether in or out of warranty – while appearing transparent to your customers.

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Business Protection

We safeguard your business by never selling directly to the consumer. Instead, we maintain the ShowPlace, a pair of kitchen and bath showrooms in Madison and Milwaukee where your customers can work with our knowledgeable staff to choose the fixtures they'll order through you.


Engineering Services

Hydronic, Solar and Geothermal

Our on-staff engineering experts can help you troubleshoot an existing system or tackle a new project, whether residential or commercial. We can provide complete system specification drawings, perform heat loss calculations and assist with state plan approvals and RES/COMchecks.

Fabrication Shop

We maintain an extensively equipped and staffed fabrication shop, so we can expertly guide your custom part and piping assembly projects through engineering to full fabrication. We’re equipped to work with steel, stainless steel, all PVC and CPVC pipe, aluminum, brass and many other specialty materials. We can even weld PVC.

Custom Engineering Services

Our team designs, engineers and fabricates unique, high-quality, cost-effective solutions, large and small, for a wide range of industries.


Value Added

We offer additional services for contractors, as well. Our boom truck is available for your projects that need a lift. Plus we provide a vendor management inventory program to help you operate more efficiently. Inquire with us for details.

Problem Solvers

Unlike some wholesalers, we don't just hire people. We actively seek out passionate problem-solvers who enjoy building things and relish a good challenge. That includes our owners, managers, sales and counter staff, two master plumbers, and engineering team. They won't just sell you a part. They'll help you find a solution.